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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 26, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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resident of antioch. this is a file video that we have from the archives of him when we interviewed him in the past. he was arrested this morning by sfpd internal affairs at work for possessing child pornography. sources say the arrest happened at the horse stables near the pole don't -- polo fields where he has been assigned. that's where the internet crimes against children unit started their investigation and the department transferred him from the northern station to a place where he would not have contact with the public. police say investigators were closely with contra costa da office, investigators and they found evidence to get an arrest warrant. >> anytime there is a department member involved in any criminal activity, the department will work quickly to prosecute and there is no place in the police department or anywhere for an officer to be
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working who is capable of this type of crime.>>reporter: josh enea is a 10 year veteran of the police department. we understand he has been suspended without pay. sources say he is married, has two children, a young son and a teenage stepdaughter. his neighbors in antioch are shock by his arrest.>> i don't know what to say. when we moved here we didn't know the neighbors. we thought we would be safe and now that i hear this i'm in disbelief. >>reporter: i spoke with his mother off-camera, she was understandably upset. she said she knew nothing about why he was arrested and she said he is a good person, responsible and he is never been in trouble before. he is now being held on $100,000 bail. frank, julie. >> is there any information as to what led them to suspect the
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officer in the first place?>>reporter: that something we don't know at this point. we understand the internet crimes against children unit found out he may have been involved with some type of child pornography. that's when they launched the investigation in february. we don't know what prompted them to have their eye on him.>> thank you. in washington, president donald trump reinstated the ban on transgender service members in the military via twitter. he posted, the united states government will not accept or allowed transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the military. he went on to say the military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory. they cannot be burdened with the medical costs and disruption of transgender service members. the decision comes on the anniversary of the day that u.s. forces were disaggregated in 1948.>>reporter: president trump chose this day to commit an act of cowardice.>> it's a
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cowardly act. the way he did it and especially what he did. on this day to unleash a vial, hateful agenda that will blindside thousands of patriotic americans already serving with honor and bravery. [ applause ]>> a 2016 report found allowing transgender troops would have little impact on military cohesion, readiness or cost. the pentagon said it is working with the white house to address the new guidance from the president. rob roth went to a neighborhood near travis air force base for reaction from the military community.>>reporter: just across the street from travis air force base, nina [ null ] us has a barbershop. >> i was in the air force.>>reporter: she said overseas during 9/11 and supports president trump's plan banning transgender people from serving in the military.
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>> i agree with them. i don't understand how they went from don't ask don't tell two now you can change your gender. that's not what our country is about. >>reporter: this man it works next-door disagrees.>> it's a form of racism and discrimination or segregation. the politicians tout of how they want to uphold the constitution and lovell the playing field. i don't see it. >>reporter: 10,000 people military and civilian work at travis air force base, it's a largest employer in solano county and brings in $1 billion to the economy. the president of mills college, military scholar and former military officer called the announcement disrespectful to those transgender's already serving. >> disappointment that the president would make statements that are so not rooted in reality and also reflect such
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disrespect for the transgender individuals. at 5:00 -- transgender people have been available to serve.>>reporter: there are a dozen transgender's at the base and 2500 and the entire military. a spokeswoman at travis said, we will continue to work with the department of defense to see what it will look like with new guidelines coming from our commander-in-chief.>> when it comes to the military, we have a mission and that's far from it. >> any gender, transgender, female or male should be able to serve. they should have just as many rights and powers that we do. >>reporter: there remains the question of how this policy would be implemented. and also what happens to those transgender's already serving. rob roth ktvu fox 2 news. san francisco mayor called the move discriminatory at its
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core. his tweet is so un-american in so many ways. to suggest that transgender people cannot serve in our armed forces and protect our country like anybody else is ridiculous and consistent with the kind of tweets we see from this president. you don't know what he's thinking. he is just reacting to some core constituent that he thinks represents the value of american. it's not american at all. >> the mayor said san francisco will continue to support the transgender community. he says the ban will put many people in fear of what big does will come next.>> arizona republican john mccain with critical. he said, the department of defense has already decided to allow currently serving transgender individuals to stay in the military and many are serving honorably today. any american inmates -- meets current standard should be allowed to continue serving.
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new developments in the murder of an elderly self a woman known as miss flo . one of the defendants charged with homicide in the case made his first court appearance and spoke to reporters. jesse gary reports the suspect says he did not do it. >>reporter: johnny brown said that though has he stood inside the apartment 23 for arraignment on four counts, shortly beforehand from inside the main county jail he told reporters he is innocent of all charges. >> this is so sad that i am being charged. i did not do nothing.>>reporter: is this a case of mistaken identity? >> yes. >>reporter: investigators say there sure all those involved have been caught. they say brown and zach yuen broke into flo douglas home last september as part of a robbery burglary.
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the pair beat and assaulted the 88-year-old churchgoing resident and she died a month later from injuries.>> it's a tragedy, not only to her family and friends but also to the community. that's what really resonates, when you realize what these two young men did. >>reporter: zachary cuen was arrested and charged with murder. jennifer jimenez and perla arreola were arrested earlier this year for hiding evidence. wednesday, investigators confirmed willie king, friend was arrested last month as an accessory to the crime. brown along with his mother were both arrested tuesday. he for murder and she for harboring a fugitive.>> the brazenness a disregard for life, the lack of empathy is what speaks to the nature of this crime. >>reporter: in an unsealed statement of fact, detectives say the five friends conspired to rob "miss flo" with king writing a note that referenced the planned robbery.
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if johnny brown maintains he was not at the scene and did not know her.>> they have no evidence that i was there or that i did that. i don't know why the charges are on me.>>reporter: brown is being held without bail, as is zachary cuen. all six will be in court friday to enter pleas and have attorneys assigned. outside the hall of justice, jesse gary ktvu fox 2 news. >> if you want to watch the entire jailhouse interview, we have it posted on our website it's also on our youtube page. san jose police have new information on the shooting death of a 19 year old man. investigating releasing the sketch of a suspect in the death of christopher keil. lisa he was talking with other people on sunbeam circle in july 2015 when a car pulled up to them. the man seen in the sketch got out, asked him if he was in a gang and when he said no he shot and killed him. the suspect and a driver drove
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off in a white compact car that you see here. both people in that car are described as latino between 18 and 20 years old. authorities say this video shows a father leaving his newborn baby in a parking lot. that father made his first court appearance. his reaction when a judge gave him a restraining order.>> the guy at home depot said you better have an escape route. i had my honda over here and the door was open. i ran like heck.>> he could not outrun the yellow jackets it took over his property. he is not alone. how even the people who are supposed to be getting rid of the past have been overwhelmed. also, the bay area hosts an international soccer championship. the usa plays jamaica avenue levi's stadium.
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the party is getting started. we will take you there in just a couple of minutes. it's heating up i will have the forecast as we move into a warmer and hotter inland weather program. food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston.
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if you have had some uninvited guests around her home, you are not alone. because of the extreme weather wasps and yellow jackets are breeding more than usual. frank mallicoat joins us with more on all of this.>>reporter: it's true, it's one of the worst seasons for yellow jackets and wasps in 10 years. pest control companies are buried and is one homeowner found out there's a way to get rid of them for free.>> i was here and i'm squirting this thing and i thought it's
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cool.>>reporter: he has a bug problem, just days ago armed with this can of spray and >> decide he went toe to toe with the amount of yellow jackets buried in his front yard and lost. >> the guy at home depot said to have an escape route. i had my honda parked here and the door open. i ran like heck. they fly faster than i could run. they stung me on the back of my neck and through the shirt. >>reporter: the weather has proven to be a perfect breeding ground for yellow jackets and wasp. both contra costa and sand -- san mateo have been overwhelmed . >> we've been very busy with yellow jackets. we have had a 63% increase in calls for service over this time last year. >>reporter: are the more angry?>> they seem to be yes. they are in full swing. >>reporter: if you kill the
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queen, you kill the nest and this was a big one. >> typically, towards the end of their lifecycle when there nest is at full capacity, there can be maybe 5000 workers and their -- there.>>reporter: call a professional. >> right.>>reporter: it's not just homes, beware of your mailbox too.>> i noticed. there's a lot of wasps and hornets that a been building hives and mailboxes. it makes work difficult. >>reporter: food for thought, the next time you have a barbecue and you're swatting at some yellow jackets, remember this, they release a pheromone that alerts the rest of them that we have trouble. although you might get one or two, you will likely just made the entire colony really mad. >> take off the clothes you are wearing, that smell will bring
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in the other yellow jackets and they will attack you.>> mother nature can be complex. get rid of the clothing if you got stung. a pest control service called would have cost $200. by contacting contra costa's control that homeowner in moraga got it for free. he said they booked an appointment online and two days later the problem is gone. >> we did not know that if you swat at them they get more aggressive and like that pheromone thing, they come after you. >> it's true, if you nudge them they come back more angry. that pheromone comes out and the other ones in the nest will smell that and it's going to be a problem for you. take a shower and launder your clothing. if you get stung get out of town.>> have an escape route. >> his was not very good.>> thank you. if you need yellowjacket
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control at your home in contra costa visit and click on web links. is it any worse than having your dinner planned outside? >> they can be so pesky. >> you are all set and everybody has to put the burgers down and you can't relax. there is always that guy that says just let them land on you and don't panic. like, you can't. when they are around you must. >> if you swat them they come back more. >> i just saw bill swatting one and it kept chasing him. i just did there and it did not bother me.>> it's that time of year. >> it gets worse, at least to my recollection the bus those the bugs -- there is some fog showing up it is still shadow
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though shallow. condensation is indicating cooler and moister air. it's not getting up of a grizzly peak. the valleys will warm up. there is the camp and nino, we can see it friday as the lid comes down and the inversion squishes temperatures and the air gets not as clean. maybe we will see a spare the air day friday and maybe saturday. it will be warmer. it's just a cycle. it cools and it warms and we are back into the warming phase. we had the cooling phase which did a nice job squashing or camping down the debt while our fire -- detweiler fire. the humidities are going down in the temperatures will go up. 90 in fairfield right now that's 5 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. that's a trend. the air is sinking and that's a high pressure building in.
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that's the fog as it sinks pushing the fog down below the tower. that's the fog in the morning, it can't get over the east bay hills and it stops. waking up in antioch, fog free with nowhere to go but up. tomorrow you see temperatures with more purple, no you're not , you will see the 100 show up in the inland bay valleys certainly by friday. i could see a couple tomorrow by stockton and modesto. the trend is for this high to build out to the desert and we heat up. hire fire danger in the coming days. we will get specific with your forecast numbers tomorrow when i see you next. it's the all-time record and it's a goal! 57 goals ask for>> that goal
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wrapped up the semi final that since the u.s. into tonight's gold cup finale played right here in the bay area. the u.s. men's national team will take on to make at levi stadium in santa clara. >> it's the latest big international event to be played of the home of the 49ers. ann rubin joins us from outside the stadium where it's noisy right now.>>reporter: it is actually really noisy. with big events like this comes big traffic headaches. officials tried to entice people to come here for this football fiesta to arrive early, they say expect congestion if you're coming this way and even more when the game is over. ♪ fans prepare to cheer on the national team as it takes on jamaica in the gold cup at levi stadium. >> we are back on the stage and the u.s. is here. >>reporter: sending that message are thousands of members of the american outlaws
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a group of soccer diehards. >> we have people from florida and honolulu and texas. people flew in for this game. >>reporter: there are plenty of first time fans who don't know the ins and outs of stadium traffic. on this day, officials are expecting plenty of it. there will be 60,000 fans at this game. great america will be open and it's rush hour on the weeknight.>> we're 75,000 people trying to get home at the same time. patients, carpool, public transportation and recognize that there will be traffic today.>>reporter: there are 10 extra trains and 20 extra buses. police say they will have officers directing traffic. engineers will extend green lights if necessary. at the end of a normal game, they would open all lanes of traffic for exiting cars and tonight they cannot do that.>> because, it's a weeknight and great america is open so we can do that. we will have people to need
5:22 pm
their patients.>>reporter: there was a football fiesta in the parking lot and the outlaw group said they will plan to stay late with and after game tailgate to let the crowds die down. >> it's where people to get together and wait for the traffic to go away. we will celebrate. >>reporter: officials say to come early and by your parking passes online. it is not too late for that. even if you do it at this hour, it will still help you get in quickly. the game starts at 6:30 pm and there are still tickets available. >> when the finer nerd -- when the 49ers played great america is not open and with it being open tonight and so many people expected, i wonder if there are enough parking spaces? >> they have arrangements for this scenario. >>reporter: the concern was not the number of parking spaces,
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there were plenty for great america and the fans. the issue was more about how to get all of those people, the additional great america traffic plus the game traffic and rush-hour traffic all out of here. there is a plan in place. despite the plan, it will be a nightmare. just brace yourself.>> bring some patients and those folks look like they're having fun. it didn't take long to change a police policy after a deadly shooting. what minneapolis just did involving body cameras after an australian woman was shot and killed after calling 911. later, it's a mall in the east bay that's been struggling. it may get new life. not just as a mall.
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also -->> they are going in a direction that a lot of these are going in around the country.
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it took 11 days from the minneapolis police to change policies regarding body cameras. the change comes after the deadly shooting of a 40-year- old australian woman who had called 911 to report a possible rape behind her home. officers will now be required to turn on body cameras when they are dispatched to any call and during any self-inflicted
5:27 pm
activity. the police chief has already resigned and there is a growing chorus of people calling for mayor betsy hodges to step down.>> i can't told anyone personally responsible for what happened saturday, aside from the officer who fired the weapon.>> the officer who shot that australian woman is now on paid leave. britain is taking action to fight the growing air pollution crisis in europe. leader said today sales of new gas and diesel cars would and by the year 2040. the plan matches a similar pledge made earlier by france. it's part of a growing global push to curb emissions and fight climate change by promoting electric cars. carmakers are part of the campaign. volvo said it's going to phase out the internal combustion engine and its cars. is accused of abandoning his baby in a parking lot.
5:28 pm
this video shows him in action. of father reacted during his first court appearance. he caused a lot of anxiety and fear.>> an illegal cell phone allow these inmates to record their escape. the video that shows the moment they got out. the charges the california tina phases after she's accused of a deadly crash while driving drunk and live streaming on instagram.
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the man accused of us banding -- of abandoning his son, he pleaded not guilty. henry lee joins us in the newsroom with the latest.>>reporter: the 18-year- old defendant cried in court after the judge issued a restraining order, barring him from contacting this two week old son that he left in the parking lot. daniel mitchell pleaded not guilty to felony charges of child endangerment and child abandonment. a judge allowed only these photos at his arraignment. according to suisun city police, this video shows mitchell driving to a strip mall and leaving his two week old son and the parking lot. workers at a barbershop saw the baby in his carrier and took
5:32 pm
him inside and called 911. the mother is not a suspect. at her home, this woman who identified herself as a great- grandmother said -- >> the babies great. >>reporter: she went inside and media were asked to leave.>> i don't want to be on camera. >>reporter: mitchell was charged with possession of a controlled substance. his bail is set at $500,000. he returns to court august 7.'s the baby boy is doing better and is reported to be in stable condition.>> did the father make any comments in court?>>reporter: not that we know of, only still photos were allowed. he will be back in court and he will stay in jail.>> that was henry lee, thank you. and 18-year-old accused of live streaming a car crash that killed her sister appeared in
5:33 pm
court. obdulia sanchez appeared via video from the merced county jail and was charged with six felonies including driving under the influence without 0.1 blood-alcohol level. also gross vehicular manslaughter of her 14-year-old sister. it took less than 10 minutes and she pleaded not guilty.>> there is no remorse. >> she is absolutely broken apart and feels terrible. >> prosecutors say the video captured on the phone makes the case easier to prosecute. she is held on $560,000 bail and will appear back in court friday for a bail reduction hearing. and oakland police officer accused of having sex with a prostitute is in court. giovanni loverde is accused of engaging with jasmine a bustling a former sex worker when she was just 17 years old. henry lee caught up with him as he walked into court in dublin.
5:34 pm
>>reporter: this is henry lee from ktvu . >> she is at the center of the sex exploitation scandal in the police department. the case was delayed until september. giovanni loverde is a married father of two and join the police department in 2014 and is currently on leave. in washington, the republican-led senate rejected a bill to repeal obama care. seven republicans joined all of the democrats in a 55-40 50 defeating the plan. analyst say the gop might do better with the trim down health care bill instead of getting rid of obama care altogether.>> if faced with the opposition of not doing obamacare repeal or passing of leaner bill, many think of the conservatives would come on board.>> also blue shield warned senators against rate
5:35 pm
repeal. blue shield says having replacement plan in place is crucial. also the pentagon said it's working with the white house to address president trump surprise announcement reinstating a ban on transgender troops in the u.s. military. the president made the statement on twitter saying transgender people will no longer be able to serve in the military in any capacity. transgender people have been able to serve openly since the band was the last year.>> brian sobel joins us, we want your thoughts on the decision to reinstate that ban.>> the timing is one of those things where you can't figure out the agenda coming from the white house.>>reporter: are we looking on -- working on the healthcare or security issues and then this pops out as an issue that he wants to talk about because he thinks he's appealing to his base. >> what is his reasoning?>>reporter: it's inexplicable, why now and why
5:36 pm
this issue. the ban was lifted and why is the timing to reinstate the span at this time? the problem with the white house is that no explanation was given. it's looking like they're doing it on the fly.>> let's moved to health care, republican struggled to come up with a plan they can agree on. the plan to repeal failed, what's next?>>reporter: they will continue to put fourth amendment and see if one of them resonates with enough people to get the required majority. the problem is as these things come forward don't have the support across the board, even among republicans. that's a big deal. they can't even get close as they can't even get all the republicans to join in. ultimately they will have to conference together around to fixing the plan that's in place and do it in a bipartisan --
5:37 pm
fashion. >>reporter: what will it mean for the white house?>>reporter: it will be a loss, it's one of the legs of the stool that trump campaign done. he said there would be repeal and replace. now it's morphing to maybe not so much repeal but fix and kind of replace. >> we want to move to rex tillerson and jeff sessions. there has been talk about jeff sessions leaving and rex tillerson.>>reporter: in the case of jeff sessions, you wonder how much he wants to take from the president on a daily basis, he just gets beat up. tillerson is viewed differently. he was an enormous success in the private sector. in many respects he is trump's match. i think you can see the difference.>>reporter: he said he's not going
5:38 pm
anywhere.>>reporter: right.>> we will have more and there are always things to talk about from dc. thank you. coming up, levi stadium is filling up. fans are streaming into the stadium for the gold cup final. jason applebaum is there where one player could make history tonight.
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a lot of changing will be heard tonight. >> the u.s. men's soccer team plays jamaica in the gold cup finals. jason applebaum is there where the game will kick off and just about an hour. jason. >>reporter: yes, usa versus jamaica and jamaica will be a surprise entrant in this tournament. mexico was the one everyone was hoping to make it in. jamaica is ranked 77th in the world. fans are filing an here at the stadium. tomorrow, it will be about football, today the niners will show up. they would not let us inside because we are not a rights holder. they said go outside. i'm going inside to show you as the field is converted for
5:42 pm
soccer. they had 65,000 fans here sunday for a friendly between manchester united and real madrid. they aren't expecting a crowd quite that big but it should be 55 thousand plus. i will also tell you the american squad has been practicing for two days at nearby stadium the home of the earthquake. this tournament began three weeks ago with 12 teams and it's now down to the final two. this is another cool story line, clint dempsey will become the usa's all-time leading scorer, if he can score a goal tonight. he is currently tied with landon donovan at 57 goals. donovan was a former earthquake and his 57th goal was a big one from clint dempsey it came on friday. it was a perfect kick against coaster rica and that helped the united states clincher spot tonight. this tournament cannot be mistaken for the world cup.
5:43 pm
to the players it does mean a lot.>> the opportunity to play in a final is not something that comes every day. to have a group that understands that and relishes that. that's what it's all about. >> we are driven and motivated. we are playing two in. we have one focus. >>reporter: the u.s. squad has been playing better since head coach bruce arena took over in november. the u.s. national team is now unbeaten in 14 games under bruce arena. if they can make it 15 they will be the gold cup champions for the sixth time in their history. the usa is the heavy favorite versus jamaica who was not expected to be here. the united states squad said they won't take jamaica lightly. that's the story here levi
5:44 pm
stadium. we will send it back to you. >> we heard the players say it's nice to play in a gold cup game. does this game help team usa make it into the world cup?>>reporter: no, it helps them tune up and practice. it helps them compete at a high level. the world cup is a different animal. this does not affect their qualifying one way or the other. this tournament has been around since the early 1990's, either united states has -- or mexico has wanted every year since 2000 and that was canada. this does not affect their qualifying. >> jason applebaum, thank you. police and transportation officials urged soccer fans to take public transit to limit traffic impact. there will be extra light rail trains and buses. tickets are still available on ticketmaster. kickoff is set for 6:30 pm.
5:45 pm
in a moment, inmates crawling through a vent give a thumbs up and they are off. the cell phone video just released that shows three inmates escaping from a california jail. tracking the warm up, tomorrow is thursday and there will be more he.
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
leaders have come together
5:48 pm
in oakland to take part in a much-needed dialogue. paul chambers has been bringing us his barbershop discussions in an effort to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community. tonight, he is hosting the seventh in a series of monthly conversations. this is the biggest get with several police chiefs from the bay area in attendance. it's in a town hall format and paul is in oakland. what can we expect?>>reporter: it will be different than those from the past. we want people to know that we heard them and we have had six and this will be the seventh. we are bringing in leaders to answer questions. we will answer as many questions but right now we will bring the leaders and figureheads that directly affect change to answer those questions. the public will have an opportunity to hear them and i will go back and forth. it's a different situation. it's what we've been building up to.>> which chiefs will be
5:49 pm
there and what is the focus?>>reporter: there will be chiefs from hayward, you caught me so quickly, oakland, san leandro, richmond will all be here. they have taken part in the past discussions, now we want the opportunity for them to be highlighted and talk more about the issues. we also have east bay as a part of the panel. it's a large group with the opportunity to talk about five different topics, officer involved shootings, racial and gender inequities, we will talk about immigration and community policing and the most important is how the community can get involved. you often hear finger-pointing, this is an opportunity for the community to speak up and be
5:50 pm
accountable. >> we were talking in the newsroom and you had an interesting analogy about what you are trying to do tonight. he related it to a football game.>>reporter: that's right. i said everyone can sit in a stadium, we can all sit and cheer are boo. you cannot affect the change until you are on the field. everyone on the sideline has an active role in these conversations and an active role in the game. the only way to make it to the field is to get to the sidelines. we are trying to get you out of the stands and stop yelling back and forth. we want to have you come and take part in this. it's a community coming together with law enforcement. people forget that law enforcement is also a part of the community.>> this is your seventh time, is there a trend that you have noticed and any issue that comes to the forefront in each one?
5:51 pm
the biggest misunderstanding for example.>>reporter: everyone always -- let me back up a lot of people want to blame the police for this or that. you must remember we need law enforcement if something happens. one thing we will take further, we will talk about changing by registering to vote and becoming a part of the jury. people need to understand that you can make the effective change. since doing this from last year, i get more excited and i get happier. it's more of a family because people are willing to come up and hug each other. community people are hugging law enforcement and they greet each other. that's what this is about. that's a positive change. i don't know.
5:52 pm
>> it's a great idea. it's fantastic to see the spread. it's important to bring people together and to get people talking. great job. we will have more on this later on tonight. thank you. there is some fog showing up and that is working its way into the city. it's very narrow and shallow. it won't get very far. tomorrow, like today will be warmer. looking at the fog and inversion is shrinking. you can see the air sinking and that's why this is narrowing. it's trying to get inland, it's not going to make it. it will have a heckuva time getting over the east bay hills. expect fog and alameda and
5:53 pm
berkeley the usual suspects. over the hill you will wake up sunny and get going. fog along the coast and there it is. it's restricted because of the coastal topography it gets stuck. the current temperature which are running warmer than last night, the air is sinking and that's our queue to get ready for warm up and we are. temperatures are on the increase going into the next few days into saturday. a little bit into sunday also. there is fog forecasted for morning. temperatures around 100 toward sacramento. the heat is coming from the south east, the air is being pushed and the heat is being pushed across the valley. our inland valleys, the far edges will be in the upper 90's. we are not in the valley, temperatures in san francisco will be in the mid-60s at
5:54 pm
lunchtime. in san francisco week top out at 72 degrees and that's pretty warm. the forecast high as 98 and tier, 98 fair fault -- fairfield. there's a hot pattern for friday. also on saturday and sunday. they recorded their own escape from jail and narrated and released it.>> we scared the hell out of people and caused anxiety and fear. >> the cell phone video that shows how these inmates got out of their cell, before two of them were arrested in san francisco.
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it was a daring escape from a southern california jail. we now know the inmates recorded it using an illegal cell phone to show their getaway. two of the three were eventually arrested in san francisco. we have more from that video showing how they escaped.>>reporter: very unusual, the inmate released this video through his attorney saying he is doing it because he's tired of the way the orange county sheriff's department is allegedly trying to cover up jail mismanagement. the inmate says the escape was planned in advance and they had professional help from the outside. they called it escape
5:58 pm
uncensored, 15 minutes of a narrated video edited with music. ♪ >> a lot of people like to credit us with a houdini escape and an eight minutes. >>reporter: using a contraband cell phone they recorded inside the maximum security module of the orange county jail. >> in reality, it's true we did leave them out the night before. >>reporter: you can see how the made their escape, using a previously cut screen they crawl into the vent giving a thumbs up. they continue their escape through plumbing within the walls. they removed bars along the way. they make it to the roof of the orange county jail and disappear. days later, one in may turned himself in and the other two continue to live in this fan in san francisco. one offered his thoughts.
5:59 pm
>> we scared the hell out of people and caused anxiety and fear. i can't say feel good about that.>>reporter: the orange county sheriff's department issued a statement, we will not provide of additional common on the video narrative that seeks to our make lot of criminal action. gina silva fox 11 news. in a surprise announcement, president donald trump delivered a huge setback to the transgender community. he tweeted the u.s. is banning transgender people from the military. >> that is causing a backlash in the bay area and elsewhere. sky foxes over castro and market where you can see an impromptu protest is about to begin. organizers say they expect hundreds tonight to come out and demonstrate against the van. another controversial
6:00 pm
decision. i'm frank somerville. president donald trump rolled it out that affects thousands and did so on twitter. the president said, the united states government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the u.s. military. >> he went on to say the military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victor and cannot be burdened with medical costs and disruption. this decision comes on the anniversary of the day forces were desegregated in 19 night -- 1948.>> trump is chosen this day to commit an act of cowardice. the cowardly act, the way he did it and especially what he did. this day to unleash a hateful agenda that will blindside thousands of patriotic americans already serving with honor


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